Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The War In Malaya

Excerpt from General A E Percival's book 'The War In Malaya' describing Malaya before World War 2.

"Malaya was a rich commercial country whose people lived mainly on the production of rubber and tin. Before the arrival of the British more than a hundred years before, its people had been of a warlike disposition, but under British rule they had gradually learnt ways of peace and for many years they had been left alone to develop their industries and enjoy the benefits of civilization.

They had not been touched even by the First World War, which had brought them great riches, though it is true that in the years which followed they had suffered severely from slumps in world prices which had led to severe reduction of staffs and caused much hardship among people with slender means. And so it was not to be wondered at that the people as a whole were not interested in defence. War had not come to Malaya for over a hundred years, so why should it come in the future?"

Will we face another war in the future? Who will be the enemy? Singapore? Indonesia? Thailand? Philippines? Is our arm force ready? Singapore army is the most modern army in term of technology and equipments and Indonesia with close to half a million soldier (population fit for army service numbering 52 million) certainly could pose a threat to Malaysia. Can our army defend the country from foreign threat whenever it arise? I hope they can...

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