Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anwar Tribute Video By DJ Zen T and Satori C

Taken from their YouTube Info

A Pro-Peace dance-rock song by Asian DJ duo Zen T & Satori C.A tribute to Malaysian leader Anwar Ibrahim as well as other living and past leaders . It revolves around issues pertaining to injustice and oppression. A no holds barred video that is symbolic of the state of the world. The word "An" means "Peace" in Vietnamese..and is ironic when used in the name An-War, exemplifying the duality of life..a philosophy close to the heart of Zen T&DJ Satori C. The funny thing is "An-war" can also be pronounced as End-War.

Peace is in our hands...

The Duo's musical influence includes KLF, U2, Led Zeppelin, Ian Brown, Beck

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