Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kelantan 100 Years Ago (New York Times, April 5, 1908)

Interesting comparison between Terengganu and Kelantan 100 year ago;

"Tringano (eja pun salah) is practically untrodden ground for the Europeans. There are no roads, and principal river the Tringano is rendered useless for navigation half way on its course to the sea by a series of large waterfalls. The country to the west of these waterfalls is practically inhibited. Tin, however, is known to be exist in the South. The political status of the State, to some extent is indifinite. It is held by some that Rajah of Tringano is an independent ruler, but the Siamese claims that Article 12 of Anglo-Siamese treaty of 1826 implies Siamese suzerainty over the State.

As for Kelantan there are valuable British interests. The Duff Development Company owns a concession of some 2,500 square miles of the country, obtained from the Rajah of Kelantan, supported by the British Government and ratified in 1902 by the Siamese Government, in which year the Rajah of Kelantan acknowledged Siamese suzerainty. Subsequent to this, however, differences arose between the Government and the company regarding the exercise by the latter of legislative and administrative rights, (which were the subject of negotiation through the British Foreign Office until quite recently.) The country tself is little known, but is believed to be as well endowed by the nature as prosperous Malay Federated States. It is believed to be rich in gold and tin and rubber growing has met with success. Rajah of Kelantan it is stated, would welcome Britih control"



Asimo Shariz said...

cuba ko tulis cerita pasal 1 ringgit yang hilang tu

Ilusi Dalang said...

hahaha nanti aku try aku pernah try tulis tapi org tak faham kena citer gak

cretakano said...

proud to be kelantanese. gomo kelate gomo