Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Leap Of Faith

Just heard that a girl jumped off block D and committed suicide this morning at 4am. If im not mistaken this is the second case there. There must be something terribly wrong with that building which led people to jump from it.


Asimo Shariz said...

hold your horses. How do you know it was suicide, maybe she felled down.
Either way, this is very sad news. Which block are you again?

Gadis di Tepi Tingkap said...


Just come to my place and CHESS.

Anonymous said...

maybe she was pushed by a gust of wind (hand of god)

Ilusi Dalang said...

Chess lagi hahahaha

Ilusi Dalang said...

pushed by a gust of wind.I like that heheh positive spin eh

Mirul.. mine is Block A, no suicide case here just head case