Friday, September 26, 2008

18m For A Website??

Cost of Internet TV too high, says Guan Eng

PETALING JAYA: DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng has criticised the Tourism Ministry’s RM18mil move to start Internet TV to attract tourists as being too costly and a waste of public funds.

“All you need is a good video camera. Malaysiakini (news portal) can do their Web TV for RM20,000, why do you need RM18mil?” he said.

Lim said he was also made to understand that the cost took into account 100 documentaries that would be produced about the country.

“Why do you need to produce so many? Do you think the tourists want to see so many?” he said.

On Tuesday, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said said an initial RM6mil would be spent mostly on content and the ministry had initially requested for RM36mil for the project.

Lim criticised Malaysia’s drop in ranking on the Transparency Inter-national Malaysia’s Corruption Per­ceptions Index from 43 (out of 179 countries) in 2007 to 47 (180 countries) in 2008.

“It has worsened and is a slap in the face for anti-corruption efforts by the Prime Minister. He must admit that corruption is a serious problem in this country and not be in denial,” he said after introducing two new members of the DAP think tank, Teh Chi-Chang and Leong Joo Ti.

Teh was appointed Lim’s economic adviser, replacing PJ Utara MP Tony Pua, while Leong was appointed to assist Lim in strategy and implementation of policies.

Teh, 37, had previously worked in a string of corporate finance companies and brings with him 15 years of experience in investment appraisal, management and corporate finan-ce.

Pua has been promoted as the party’s national publicity secretary.


*What?? 18m for website?? Cmon la Azalina, aku dah involve dalam web design and development including video editing, streaming apa semua dah lebih 10 tahun, aku rasa total cost nak buat ni tak sampai 1m pun dengan development, day to day operation, web marketing campaign dengan campur contents acquisition sekali. 18m?? Perghhh ntah berapa juta la masuk poket.

Aku dulu buat Berita e-UMNO (the original UMNO news website back in year 2000, now known as UMNO TV) team 2 orang je, aku dgn Izal (now known as Joe Bleed, lead singer of Pure Vibracion) dengan Boss kitaorang Encik Shariff, hari-hari pun ada content baru ada video and audio interview dgn all the leaders (Nak gi interview Pak Lah kereta boss aku accident terbalik, benjol baek punya kepala aku kena steering, siap concussion lagi). Masa tu siap boleh cover 2 by-election di Sanggang dan di Teluk Kemang, cover Perhimpunan Agung UMNO (An article about our team and Berita e-UMNO was published by Berita Harian for their coverage of Perhimpunan Agung with our picture accompanying the article), hey I was there at Perak MB residence in Ipoh to cover the news for Berita e-UMNO for the one and only UMNO Supreme Council meeting outside PWTC when Tun Dr Mahathir first appointed Azalina to the Supreme Council. We did an interview with you right after that annnoucement remember???

Ni ntah company crony mana la yang propose dan dapat project ni. 18m??? DAMN!!! Gile tak puas hati aku macam ni.


Asimo Shariz said...

Bagi aku 50000, aku boleh buat lagi bagus dari semua website umno yang ade skarang, tu termasuk video dokumentary, content , semua bendalah. 18 juta!!! gile ke bodoh tu

JinGGa stuDieS said...

giler kalau ko stay buat website umno tu nak millionaire dah!

JinGGa stuDieS said...


Selamat hari raya + maaf zahir dan batin!