Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bitter Football Fans

Aku tak faham betul these so called fanatics football fans (MU, Arsenal and Chelsea fans in particular) When my team draw or lose a game (LFC, C'mon You Reds!!), they love to sms me with msg putting down my team, and i'll reply every single sms that i got. But when their team lost or drew a game and I sms them, hmmmm takde pun nak reply balik (yes mirul thats you hahahaha) Apasal tak sporting langsung ni? Time LFC kalah ke seri ke bukan main lagi eh. C'mon la it's just a game apa.

Satu lagi pada pundits kat ESPNStar. Kalau team lain playing badly and won they will say that, the team showed Champions mentality etc etc but when LFC doing the same they will put us down some more (not good enough to be champion etc, etc) Apa yg dengki sangat dengan LFC ni? Aku tau la LFC is the most succesful team in English Football (18 League titles, 5 European Cups, 3 UEFA cups) at least give us some credit la.

Seperti aku cakap kat semua org Jatuh Bangun Bersama Liverpool FC hahahaha

C'mon You Reds!!! You'll Never Walk Alone...

Now It's Glory 'Round The Fields Of Anfield Roads...

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